Notker Balbulus

The Hymnbook
The Common of Saints

For One Confessor

[N.43] "Rex regum deus"



O King of Kings, our worshipful God!

Thou dost govern the soldiery of Christ by appointing those skilled in war for the dread battle, by giving consuls knowledgeable in the republic to be magistrates of Thy peoples.

For, wise in chusing, Thou art not deceived, o God, in whom Thou dost appoint to office.

Among whom that priest is sacred who, biding in the peace of Holy Church, hath taken  counsel how he should have fortified against the assault of the enemy, which is wont often to befall the unwary.

That man, hateful to heretics and heathen, no less to the king of all that is ill, rejoiceth to hold a portion with the Lord, enduring His foes with Him.

Do thou, best provider, bestow on us alway the heavenly wheat of the Lord’s teaching until, with abundant nourishment, we might return to our fatherland, o eminent soldier of God!


Richard L. Hewitt
Notker's Hymnbook in Three Languages

Kamuzu Academy, Malawi
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