Notker Balbulus

The Hymnbook
The Proper of the Saints

For St. Gall, Abbot & Confessor
16th October

[N.35] "Dilecte deo Galle"



O Gallus, beloved of the Everlasting God – likewise to men and to the angel hosts – who, obedient to the lofty exhortation of Jesus Christ, didst scorn a father’s estate, a mother’s embrace, the care of a wife, the play of a son, following instead, in poverty, a poor Master, and thou didst prefer the Cross to fleeting pleasures!

But Christ payeth these back a hundredfold, as this day witnesseth, when He subjecteth us to thee all, in sweet affection, to be thy sons, and hath bestowed on thee, o Gallus, gentle Swabia to be thy home; no less hath He appointed thee, joined to the choir of apostles, to sit in the heavens as judge.

Now, as suppliants, we pray thee, o Gallus, that thou shouldst ask Jesus Christ to shew favour upon us, and that thou shouldst fill the resting place of [thy] body with His peace and raise up thy suppliants with frequent prayer, that we might render thee alway the honour that is thy due, o Gallus, beloved of God!


Richard L. Hewitt
Notker's Hymnbook in Three Languages

Kamuzu Academy, Malawi
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