Notker Balbulus

The Hymnbook

For Ascension Day

[N.24] "Summi triumphum regis"



Let us adorn the triumph of the Highest King with praise, Who hath vanquished the rule of hell and wieldeth the sceptre over heaven and earth, Who hath given Himself for our redemption at a price of great value!

This name besuiteth Him… Idithun: For He o’erleapt with vigour all the mountains and hills of Bethel.

He gave a leap from heaven into a virgin’s womb, thence into the sea of our age.

After He had pacified it with His power, He sprang against the foul shadows of the Fiery Stream.

When He hath cast down the empire of that prince and hath plucked countless standards from his grasp, He visiteth the world anew with His radiance, and, the Victor, hath led with Him what was captive and detained therein, and hath shewn Himself, restored to life, to His own, His servants and His friends.

Today at last had He given the greatest leap, flying o’er heavens and clouds in His headlong course.

Therefore, let those that believe celebrate this day, those whose sickly bodies Idithun hath borne in His own to heaven’s high seats, the Son of God, that trembling they might await the advent of their Judge, as the two angels did teach the brethren: This Jesus that was taken up from you into heaven will come again, as ye have seen Him!

Now let us all beseech our Idithun with zealous voices, that He who sitteth at the right hand of the Father might send us the Holy Spirit, and may He-self be ever with us, to the end of this age!


Richard L. Hewitt
Notker's Hymnbook in Three Languages

Kamuzu Academy, Malawi
2020 - 2022