Notker Balbulus

The Hymnbook
The Proper of the Saints

For the Assumption of Mary
15th August

[N.32] "Congaudent angelorum chori"



Angelic choirs rejoice with the glorious Virgin, who, unjoined to man, did bear a Son, Who healeth the world with His blood.

For she rejoiceth, now that she looketh upon Him as Prince of Heaven, to Whom once on earth, as Virgin, she did offer her breasts to suck.

How thronged with angels do we believe Mary, Jesus’ Mother – angels that acknowledge themselves pledged servants of her Son!

With what glory is that Virgin worshipped in the heavens, who did offer the lodging of her most sacred body to the Lord of Heaven!

How bright in the firmament shineth the Star of the Sea, which hath borne the Light of every star and man and spiritual being!

Thee, o Heaven’s Queen, doth this wretched people celebrate with devout hearts: Thee, together with the angels, it raiseth on high with harmonious song.

Thee, o Virgin, do the books of the prophets sing; the chorus of priests calleth out for thee, and the martyrs of Christ proclaim thee.

Thee do men and women follow, out of love for a virginal life, rivalling the heaven dwellers in purity.

So, the whole church, worshipping thee with heart and song, doth reveal her devotion for thee, beseeching thee, o Mary, with suppliant prayer, that thou shouldst vouchsafe to be her help, in the presence of Christ our Lord, for ever.


Richard L. Hewitt
Notker's Hymnbook in Three Languages

Kamuzu Academy, Malawi
2020 - 2022