Notker Balbulus

The Hymnbook

For Easter Sunday

[N.12] "Laudes salvatori voce"



Let us sing in choir praises to our Saviour with suppliant voice and with pious phrases let us call out to our Master in heaven, the Messiah, Who emptied His very Self, that He might free us men that are lost!

Covering the glory of His Godhead in flesh He is swaddled in a manger and pitieth the transgressor of the Law that is driven from his Fatherland in Paradise to become a poor little naked thing.

He is subject to Joseph, Mary, Simeon. He is circumcised and, with the victim appointed by the Law, He is cleansed as if He were a sinner, Who is wont to unloose our crimes.

He submitted Himself to be baptized at the hands of His servant and beareth the deceits of the tempter, He fleeth the stones of those that pursue Him.

He endureth hunger, He knoweth weariness and sadness, He washeth the feet of His disciples, God that is Man, the Highest become Low.

But yet among these debasements of the body His Godhead could in no way lie hidden and is betrayed by signs of many kinds and teachings.

At the wedding feast He giveth water that savoureth of wine. He clothed eyes that are blind with radiant light. He putteth wan leprosy to flight with His gentle touch.

He raiseth the stinking dead and healeth limbs that are grown frail. He stopped the flow of blood and filled from five loaves five thousands.

He walketh across the billowing lake as if dry shore: He calmeth the winds. He unlocketh the tongue that is tied. He unclosed ears stopped to voices. He cast out fevers.

After these miraculous wonders – so excellent – of His own accord He is seized and condemned, nor did He disdain to be fixed to a cross: But the sun did not witness His death.

Now hath dawned the day that the Lord hath made, laying waste to death and manifesting Himself as victor, living to those that love Him: First to Mary, then to the apostles, teaching the scriptures, opening the heart, that they might unlock what is shut up therein concerning Himself.

Thus all Creation haileth the risen Christ with joy. Flowers, crops flourish with renewed fruit, and birds call sweetly, now that the unhappy frost hath been swept away.

Sun and moon, disordered at Christ’s death, shine more radiantly. The earth, which trembleth at His death and threateneth to fall, putteth forth grass and applaudeth the risen Christ.

Therefore let us rejoice today, on which Jesus, rising again, hath opened to us the path of life!

Stars, earth, sea are glad, and spiritual choirs, all that in the heavens are, render thanks to the God of Thunder.


Richard L. Hewitt
Notker's Hymnbook in Three Languages

Kamuzu Academy, Malawi
2020 - 2022